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To make your work look more professional, we have provided the complete access to the Bandicam full version for free. To get the Bandicam Download direct link; first, we suggest you go through the complete article.

About Bandicam Recording Software

In the advanced technological era, capturing your moments and showing the work to the world has become now the easiest task ever. To give the finishing touch to your video recordings, several video recorder applications and software are available, and at the same time, to access them is also not difficult. In the list of most popular video recording application, we have listed the Bandicam, the screen capture utility.

Bandicam is developed by the same name company, enabling the users to take screen shots or even record certain screen changes. The Bandicam is the shareware, having the two versions- free version with limited functionalities and the premium version with add-on features. Here, we have access to the Bandicam crack full version, possessing various features. These features are based on the increasing trend of video streaming and vlogs which have made the internet more popular.

Bandicam full version free

The Bandicam full version is available since last eight years, and it is constantly updated by the developers, as per the changing needs. The Bandicam is the Korean company, despite the location; the developers are quite ahead with the advancing technology and changing world. The regular updates of the Bandicam crack full version have led the product to have the finished quality. We have access to the Bandicam full version free, which has the cracked version, otherwise many users paying to get the complete cracked software.

bandicam for free

The premium or the cracked version holds more add-on features rather than the trial version. We have the complete package of the Bandicam full version free, and also we have provided here the direct access to the Bandicam download from the malware free link. Looking at your curiosity, we will now discuss and share the features of the Bandicam cracked version.

Top Features of Bandicam Screen Recorder

The software has already impressed its user with the easy UI and providing the great experience in video recording. Now what we are sharing here is the features of Bandicam, which are the game recorder, desktop screen capture and video capture. Apart from these features, the others are:

HD Quality Recording

  • High-quality recording, up to 4K HD resolution.

4k quality recording

Saved Small Size

  • The recording files are saved in a little file.

File Compression

  • The file compression ratio is high

Supports Audio Codec

  • It supports Layer II audio codec- AAC, MPEG-1 and PCM

Audio Sound Recording

Open DML Limitation

  • AVI 2.0 open DML limitation, though the recorded files do not have any limits

open avi DML limitation

Supports Image Format

  • It supports the JPEG, BPM, and PNG image format

Bandicam Configuration Image

Supports Audio Format

  • It supports the AVI/MP4 audio format

supports all audio

FPS Management

  • With the help of the frame rate control tool, you can manage the FPS management.


Some Better Functions

These are the standard features which have earned the Bandicam to be firm in the technology and digital market since last eight years. Other than this, what we have found out is there are still more features to look for and also to experience. These features make the Bandicam stand out of the competition among the video recording software.

  • You can experience the improved performance and also the Nvidia, AMD and Intel. The hardware is accelerated to H.264 encoder.
  • All keystrokes functions are supportable.
  • Without converting your recorded content, you can directly upload it to the YouTube at full HD resolution.
  • The auto complete recording function enables the 24 hours nonstop recording
  • It consumes the less CPU, GPU and HDD usage, making the software to work smoothly.

Latest Stuff & Bugs

Now coming to our most important subject, we would like to share the features of the cracked version, i.e. Bandicam full version free. These features are further modified with all the bugs are fixed and the other add-on is:

  • The RGB colour space option provided in the video for Windows tab. (VFW)
  • The license registration has the command line
  • You can take on the registration either from the setup or program files
  • Improvements are made in the open output folder available in the context menu
  • The installer- DLL HIJACKING has now improved security
  • There are different tabs for the position, size and format settings, unlike previously available from the same preset name.
  • The bugs, even minor ones are fixed
  • If you have the file of 150 GB or above than that, it is likely that specific content or data would suffer from being corrupt, especially for the huge AVI format files.
  • In the preset settings, you can edit or change the preset name.

Bandicam Download Steps

The Bandicam crack full version comes with ease and intuitive interface functionalities. Variant options for the customization of the file are another great factor about the crack version. You can check the features by yourself and experience them with the Bandicam Download trial version. The trial version is for the beginners, and they can get pro with it.

Download Link of Bandicam

  • First of all download the Bandicam full version free from this below given link.

bandicam download

Search .exe File

  • Now Find Bandicam.exe file in your computer.

Began Setup

  • Start the Setup of Bandicam Application.

Next to Continue

  • Click on next button and continuestart to install bandicam

Accept Terms & Agreement

  • If you accept the terms and condition then click on i agree button.

agree licence agreement

Choose Components

  • Choose the components you want to install in your pc and continue.

choose components

Select Install Location

  • Select the location where you want to install bandicam and continue.

select install location


  • Installation now complete.

bandicam installation complete

You can even check out the product discussion forum, and also the developers have made the community for the users to get easily connect with their expert team if the user is in middle of trouble while using software. If you are ready to spend some dollars to get the premium version, you will get the access to lifetime guarantee and support from the team.

How to Use Bandicam? (Video Tutorial)


The Bandicam is the screen recording software, making it possible to record certain areas from the PC or from the program which makes the use of DirectX or OpenGL graphic technologies. The software is built and developed for the Windows OS, which executes superior performance with the same features like other screen video recording software.

For the Bandicam download, make sure that first, you get the trial version if you are the beginner. Otherwise the Bandicam full version free is the best option for the professionals, which contains premium features. You can share this article with your friends on the social media platform like Google, Twitter or Facebook.

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