[Free] Hands Off! 4.0.2

Download Hands Off! ) – 4.0.2 – Monitor and control program access to disks and network

Shield your own privacy.  Monitor Internet links from all possible programs to expose hidden links.  Prevent sending information without your approval, thereby preventing information leakage.

Safely run untrusted software
Handle disk access for suspicious programs can’t access confidential information.  Keep away from permanent adjustments or information reduction forbidding writing to disc.  Prevent viruses and other malware infiltrations.

Appoint friendly software
Establish which software must be entrusted with particular surgeries.  The flexible configuration permits the smooth functioning of its actions while still preserving maximum security.

Network Security
— prevents software call house
— Block incoming network connections
— Block incoming network connections
— Lock the resolution of domain name
— readily cubes multiple subdomains
— Protection from Trojans, worms and parasites system
— Supports IPv4, IPv6 and neighborhood components

file Safety
— prevents software from reading your documents
— prevents software from saving cookies
— Blocks read and write file operations

— Adaptive configuration
— via principles for software that communicate via Unix tools
— comprehensive advice on alarms
— swipes using easy keyboard controller
— Worldwide principles apply to most customers
— Privacy in the multiuser environment
— Immediate protection after setup

Control your PC.  Guard your privacy
Hands off!  It’s an application to track and control software access your disks and network.  Being in a position to command the generally unnoticeable activities allows you to make informed decisions concerning the transport of your personal data, thus preventing the leakage of confidential info.

Monitor network relations
When attached to the world wide web, software can send any info stored on your computer to whomever they need without you understanding.  With Hands Off! , It is possible to control and monitor Internet connections from all possible programs to expose hidden links and stop them from sending info or telephone your house without your approval.

Monitoring disk access
software present in your pc can read, delete or store data openly in your own pc without your knowledge.  With Hands Off! , you’ll be able to track and control disk accessibility from many programs to stop them from accessing confidential advice, delete your information or storing biscuits.

Hands Off! 4.0.2 [Free Download]

Size: 11. 14 MB

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