[Free] Pikka – Color Picker 1.7.0

Download Pikka — Color Picker – 1.7.0 – Color picker for Programmers and designers

Pikka — Color Picker is a colour picker simple to use for programmers and designers Cocoa, which works nicely with a number of displays.
With Color Picker may pick the precise colour from anywhere on your display with the magnifying glass and also copied into the clipboard instantly in the chosen format.  It is possible to copy the code using one click in the menu bar or with the color library.

Main attributes:

— Library — coloured folders
Pikka — Color Picker provides you the chance to share colours between different folders and arrange color palettes.  Drag and drop between folders colours.  Duplicate the colour of the library using a double click.  Create your profile and maintain all of your color schemes and nicely organized with title tags.
— Color Picker color and generator
The generator strategies superfast colour!  Create, share and save ideal palettes in minutes!
— Color tones
Create color tones to the selected colour with just one click.
— Correct and enhance
Customize your colours correctly adjusting the temperature, color, saturation, brightness, and much more…
— Formats
Over 15 colour formats are supplied.  Pick the colour and glue the colour selected right in the environment you’re using.  Pick from: HEX, RGB, UIColor Swift, Swift NSColor, Objective-C UIColor, Obecjtive-C NSColor, XML Android, Android (A) RGB and a Lot More.
— Change the colour of the colour
Renames the colors selected readily.

Pikka — Color Picker 1.7.0 [Free Download]

Size: 11. 59 MB

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