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Download Planet Nomads – 23362 – There is an entire world of varied biomes waiting for you to research

The two microprocessors and operating systems are 64-piece
OS: OSX 10+
Processor: i7 2.6GHz
Performance : 4 GB of RAM
Pictures : GeForce GT650M
Storage: 4 GB accessible
Added Notes: Planet Nomads remains in development and system requirements can vary.

Planet Nomads is a singleplayer sci-fi sandbox game of survival on alien planets throughout block-style building. You’re a lone astronaut scientist crash-landing on a strangely attractive planet. Maintaining your humor together and procuring your basic survival demands which include water, food and building stuff is the very best beginning towards figuring out a means out of this messy situation.

Planet Nomads provides a special gaming experience by blending survival, building and exploration with each other to make you feel as a real survivor.


Construction is the basis of Planet Nomads. Everything you construct determines your survival opportunities and raises your activity radius. Construction can help you to advance further and find advanced materials. Close to a hundred cubes wait to allow you to create nearly anything that your imagination can produce.


you might have researched your immediate encompassing, but a few kilometers North or South, things are radically distinct. Numerous biomes protect Earth from pole to pole based upon the climate. Sandy engine combines the biomes obviously, making certain the travel to the North pole is an epic and everchanging experience.


Surviving in an inhabited world is not an simple undertaking, but with careful preparation, upkeep and a healthy quantity of fascination, you can certainly do it. Provided that you defeat poisonous plants and inquisitive beasts, prevent being slashed to bits, frozen to death, eaten alive, starved and normally finished.

Planet Nomads has been successfully Kickstarted, is currently moving through its Early Access, and it is being developed and enhanced with our developing Nomadic family. You’re welcome to join us.

Audio and text: English.
Text only: Português do Brasil (beta), 中文, český (beta), Deutsch, Español (AL), français, italiano, nederlands, русский (beta)
Planet Nomads provides a exceptional gaming experience by blending survival, building and exploration with each other to make you feel like a real survivor.

Planet Nomads

Planet Nomads 23362 [Free Download]

Size: 2. 56 GB

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