[Free] Plectra Series 5 – Guzheng

Obtain Plectra Series 5 – Guzheng


An intricate, detailed Kontakt pattern library that includes the genuine and delightful sound of the Chinese language Guzheng! Carried out by Qianqian Jin, this digital instrument consists of each essential articulations and prolonged bowing strategies.

Content material:
14,580 x 24bit recordings w/ three mic positions
As much as 4x dynamics / 3x RR per key
Finger plucked & picked strategies
Harmonics & bends (complete/semitone)
Up/down bows & crescendos
Edge bows, staccatos, sponge picks

Stunning extensive UI for Kontakt 5.7
Absolutely customizable mapping w/ TACT 2.0
Console modular mixer and FX rack
Consists of over 30 FX modules!
Deep articulation tweaking

Plectra Series 5 – Guzheng [Free Download]

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