[Free] Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 2.0 (Remastered)

Obtain Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 2.0 (Remastered)

urok is again and no dinosaur is protected!

When it was first launched in 1997, Turok launched players to a world teeming with crafty enemies, traps, puzzles and lethal weapons all inside an unlimited 3D setting able to discover. Now the basic recreation has been restored and enhanced with a brand new visible engine and thrilling new options to sink your enamel into!

New options embody:
– Help for top resolutions, and widescreen
– Improved gameplay and degree design
– OpenGL for video backend to supply portability and help for vertical sync
– Dynamic lighting, bloom, FXAA, enhanced water results, lights shafts and extra
– Capability to freely rebind all keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs

The Misplaced Land… 

A world the place time has no that means – and evil is aware of no bounds. Torn from a world lengthy gone, the time touring warrior Turok has discovered himself thrust right into a savage land torn by battle. An evil overlord referred to as ‘The Campaigner’ seeks to shred the material of time and rule the universe utilizing an historic artifact referred to as ‘The Chronoscepter’. The Chronoscepter was shattered hundreds of years in the past in an effort to maintain it from falling into evil arms. The Campaigner has constructed a large focusing array which he plans to make use of to amplify and pervert the facility of the Chronoscepter in an effort to shatter the obstacles between the ages and rule the universe. Turok has vowed to seek out the eight items of the Chronoscepter unfold all through the Misplaced Land and put an finish to The Campaigner’s evil plot…

To study extra you need to enter the world of Turok.

  • Utterly 3-D Digital World: Run, bounce, climb in any path in a totally 3D world, with the power to independently look and purpose your weapons up, down, or sideways.
  • Clever Enemies Programmed for Ferocity: Variable aggression profiles make every enemy behave uniquely.
  • 14 Monstrous Excessive-tech Weapons: From the Grenade Launcher, Plasma Pulse Rifle and Alien Weapon, to the Quad Rocket Launcher and, the mom of all weapons, the Atomic Fusion Cannon!
  • Superior Interactive Backgrounds with Particle Expertise: Cobwebs sway. Bubbles type rings on the water’s floor. Bullets ricochet. Bushes explode into flames and crash to the bottom. Waterfalls boil with foam.
  • Bionically Engineered Dinosaurs: Razor-toothed Raptors. Artillery-packing Triceratops. Alien Infantry and a Laser-Guided T-Rex. Following your each transfer with head-tracking know-how

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 2.0 (Remastered) [Free Download]

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